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Ingest & Media Services

Ingest & Media Services

Content Handling Media Services has served the needs of Sky Sports, Sky News and Entertainment for over 30 years.

Our team's expertise has evolved through analogue and digital tape, transitioned to file-based studio and media asset management systems, and more recently HDR & Dolby Atmos across sports and entertainment programming.

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Our Kit

We have an extensive range of equipment to facilitate your file and tape conversion requirements. Telestream Vantage and FFMPEG transcoding solutions enable file conversion at scale.

Our File Enhancement service uses bespoke Avisynth processing to correct damaged digitised content at a pixel-by-pixel level, improving overall image quality while correcting common faults such as aliasing, off-lock errors, tape noise, chroma fringing and banding.

We can establish super-fast Aspera & Signiant peered connections to efficiently deliver large volumes of content, as well as secure download links for easy access from any PC or laptop. We can leverage connections with existing broadcasters and facilities in the UK and overseas, enabling seamless, hassle-free delivery.

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File Conversions

In 2019 we launched our file conversion services to acquisition partners, performing a wide range of conversions to support delivery of TX content to Sky's customers.

After four successful years, we are excited to offer our dynamic file conversion solutions to external clients. We pride ourselves in offering an efficient, cost-effective service tailored to your needs.

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Sky Kids - Channel Launch

In February 2023, Sky Media Services supported the launch of the Sky Kids linear channel by performing bespoke edits to thousands of short-form assets, carefully manipulating opening title and end credit sequences to create series compilations suitable for linear TX.

Our Partners

Our Partnerships

We have supported a number of Sky partners in creating promotional and editorial content. Using Sky's Production Studios in conjunction with Sky’s Media Services, partners have leveraged our file transformation and logistics services to transcode and deliver to media facilities, agencies and platforms.

Our Service Range

We offer a range of ingest and media services, from transcoding, digitisation, and upscaling, to restoration and remastering.

File Conversion

  • Transcoding, including frame rate conversion, downscaling
  • Audio channel mapping and down-mixing from 5.1 to stereo
  • Loudness normalisation to EBU R128 specification

File Enhancement

  • Upscale to HD & UHD resolution
  • Remastering & restoration to improve the quality of old or damaged video

File Distribution

  • Aspera Faspex transfers
  • P2P Aspera/Signiant accelerated transfers
  • Transfer to and from physical storage
  • Courier service

Tape Digitisation

  • Digibeta to file
  • HDCAM/SR to file

Our Experienced Leadership

Denise Ettridge

Head of Ingest & Media Services

Denise Ettridge: Head of Ingest & Media Services

As Sky's Head of Ingest I lead a team providing ingest and media services to a diverse range of internal and external clients across entertainment, movies, sport, and news on customer facing platforms. We are committed to meeting client needs and timeframes, with an engaged, collaborative, and cost-effective service.

We have an experienced operational team, supported by technical specialists who are focused on understanding clients requirements, overseeing workflows and seeking solutions to support the bespoke or the complex where required.

I have worked for ITV, Technicolor and Sky in a career spanning the end-to-end content supply chain from acquisitions, programme planning, content management, media services to presentation and transmission playout. I've gained a wide range of operational experience, engagement and understanding across the lifecycle of content from acquisition to customer delivery. During my time at Sky, I've progressed from operating as a Transmission Controller to Head of Transmission leading the transformation to automation and multi-channel operation. My time as Development Manager for Content Services saw me engaged with Online Video, Sky News and UHD operational developments.

During 8 years at Technicolor, I was Director of Operations for Media Services serving broadcasters, distributors, producers and studio clients; processing source content to provide the assets required for their traditional broadcast, video on demand and OTT content distribution contracts.

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Other Services

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Media Services

Media Services

  • Tape Digitisation
  • Transcoding
  • Enhancement
Access Services

Access Services

  • Subtitling
  • Audio Description
  • Multiple Languages


  • Real-time QC
  • HD, UHD SDR and HDR formats
  • 5.1, stereo and Atmos audio mixes
Clip Sales

Clip Sales

  • Sky News
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Entertainment